The first stage play in Târgoviște

On September 20th 1836, in a clearing from Priseaca forest, near Târgoviște, took place a premiere in the cultural life of the city: the presentment of the play "The Extremes touch" by Teohari Glădescu, performed by Nicolae Gretchi's Franco-Wallachian troupe. This is also the first outdoor Romanian show.

The actors were Bălănescu, the host of the show, Glădescu, the play's author and director, Stanislas Bellanger, traveler and writer, and Henri de Mondoville, teacher and miniaturist, a refugee în Wallachia.

The success of the show determines Mihalache Vlădescu, the county's Prefect, to approve for the same troupe the presentment of another premiere. 

At the end of the show, Teohari Glădescu claimed: "Our nephews will refuse to believe it! They will consider this curious event a mythological episode. They will sing it in prose and verses."

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