Famous architect from Târgoviște

Famous architect from Târgoviște

The famous architect Romano de Simon, born in Târgoviște on January 21st, 1900, came from a family of Italians settled here. He attended primary and secondary school in Târgoviște, then completed his studies in Italy. He returned to his hometown as a recent graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Parma, and in 1924 got married. He taught drawing and the Italian language at the Commercial High School in Târgoviște, during which he drew up numerous projects of civil, religious and sculpture architecture. 

"The houses executed according to his plans stood out for the accuracy of the composition and the ingenuity of the architectural forms, which seem cut from the streets of Florence, transported to another place, which he ennobles and gives it a special air in the urban landscape in which it fits" museographer Gloria Gabriela Radu emphasized. 

Among the houses that had plans drawn up by him were: Casa Irimescu-Cândeşti - Casa cu zodii, Casa Mihai Bendic - Children's Palace, Casa Balaban - Museum of Romance and others. 

He also stood out in the design of some monumental churches (Șotânga, Gura Ocniței) and some monuments such as the one dedicated to the heroes who died in the War for the Reunification of the Nation, in front of the former Military High School "Nicolae Filipesu" at the Dealu Monastery or the Statue of Soldiers from Podu Rizii.  In 1956, he obtained a chair at the "Ion Mincu" Institute of Architecture through a competition and moved to Bucharest, but he returned countless times with his students on documentary trips to the Royal Court of Târgoviște. 

Let's be proud that we are from Târgoviște!

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