Monument to the Heroes of the Revolution of 1989

Monument to the Heroes of the Revolution of 1989

Erected in May 1991, at the initiative of a group of Christians, under the guidance of priest I. Ceaușu from the White Church, the Monument of the Heroes of the Revolution is located in Mihai Viteazul Square, in front of the Metropolitan Cathedral.

Here are commemorated the martyrs who died for freedom and dignity during the Revolution of December 1989. 

By Law 138 of December 19, 1994, Târgoviște was declared a martyr city, in honor of the heroism shown by the fallen martyrs.

In Târgoviște, several people lost their lives in those turbulent moments, the first martyr falling on the evening of December 23.

Every year, the county and local authorities, along with other institutions, associations, NGOs, but also many residents of the county participate in the events dedicated to the Romanian Revolution Day from 1989, a significant moment in the modern history of Romania.

Let's know our history and respect it!

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