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Calea Domnească, Târgoviște, Romania


Târgoviște Zoo, together with Chindia Park, which it is bordering on the northwest side, represented a very ancient center which has been, over time, the main attraction of leisure time for residents of Târgoviște City.
Beginnings of Zoo date back to Middle Age, when Voivode (Prince) Petru Cercel moved, in 1583, the capital of country, from Bucharest to Târgoviște, at Royal Court, proudly warded by Chindia Tower.
Petru Cercel brought Italian specialists to create, in close proximity of Royal Palace (in current Chindia Park), beautiful italian gardens and also ”he's got to do great and beautiful cages, to shelter wild animals” (Franco Sivori - Foreign travellers about Romanian Principality).
It can be said that, since Middle Age, in Târgovişte, was created the first Zoo from Romania. In time, this zoo has disappeared.
In 1957 - a small Zoo was established in city central park.
Since 1970-1972, The Zoo has moved to Chindia Park near Royal Court Museum Complex. Being one of the ensembles with which the city has always been proud, The Zoo has always benefited from the support of municipality. It extends over an area of 4 ha and owns about 166 species of birds and animals, some of which are unique in Romania: Pygmy hippopotamus (Hexaprotodon liberiensis ), a monkey species - Black crested Mangabey (Cercocebus atterimus ).
Since 1998, Târgoviste Zoo has been in a constant development, in order to ensure that all animals and birds collection are provided the best conditions and visitors should be given the opportunity to spend the leisure time in a pleasant and instructive way, in a very natural environment.

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