Ion Heliade-Rădulescu - outstanding personality

Ion Heliade-Rădulescu - outstanding personality

Writer, philologist and politician Ion Heliade-Rădulescu, founding member and first president of the Romanian Academic Society, was born on January 6, 1802, in Târgoviște.

He began his studies in Bucharest, initially in Greek, then in Romanian under the guidance of the monk Naum.

He represented one of the outstanding names of modern Romanian culture, having significant contributions in fields such as history, literature, philosophy, linguistics.

  In 1828, he printed "Gramatica românească", in Sibiu, and in 1829, he founded "Curierul românesc", a publication considered to be the first newspaper in Romania. He contributed to the first theatrical performances in the Romanian language, was considered the initiator of the romantic current in the Romanian space and actively participated in the Revolution of 1848.

In Târgoviște, due to his contribution to the development of Romanian literature, the county's most important library, an educational unit and a street are named after him. Also, on the occasion of the centenary of his birth, a marble bust was erected, placed in the Town Hall square.

Let's be proud that we are from Târgoviște!

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