Cal. Câmpulung, 72, Târgoviste, Dâmbovita, 130072, Târgoviște, România


TÂRGOVIȘTE SPORT CLUB was founded on 01st of July 1972. Since 1976, Târgoviște Sport Club operates in the building on Calea Câmpulung Street, no. 72, which held it in administration until 1998, when the building was returned to former owners. As outstanding events in life of Târgoviste Sports Club, can be mentioned the promotion in 1977 of football team, in Division A, under leadership of coach Nicolae Proca. In 1978, the goalkeeper of football team, Narcis Coman, is named football player of the year. In 1980, the football team succeeds second promotion in Division A under leadership of coach Ştefan Coidun. During this period, Nicolae Dobrin is also playing at the team.
Târgoviște Sport Club Performances
• Athletics section of club stands out at both national and international level, winning many medals in seniors, youth and juniors and setting numerous national records through athletes selected at national lots.
• Wrestling section achieves many national and international titles over time, with sportsmen promoted on national lots, as well promoted sports maestro.
• Table tennis section obtains national titles, athletes as well, promoted to national lots, even succeeding a fourth place at European Cup in 1983.
• Boxing section obtains medals at youth and juniors internal championships, having a sportsman who participated at World Junior Championship in 2000.
• Tennis section obtains national titles in youth, seniors and children since the section was founded.
• Karate section can be proud of athletes selected at national lots, winning numerous medals at national and international championships also, World and European Championships.
• Basketball section worked for a short period of time, winning through athletes with double legitimization, two National Championships and two Romanian Cups. The section stands out also by participating in international competitions with commendable results.

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