Fashion in Targoviste in the interwar period

Fashion in Targoviste in the interwar period

Targoviste depicted, in the interwar period, even through the mixture of social statuses, entirely the fashion of the '20s, which for each inhabitant meant a continuous change.

Through the pastel dresses made of heavy velvet or silk, through the small hats and the shimmering accessories that were found in the storefronts in the center, fashion and refinement made their presence felt in the small town.

Over time, the dresses were shortened, sometimes backless, being matched with rounded shoes, with a strap, for a comfortable gait. Regardless of the event, the usual string of beads, almost a meter long, was always matched by eye color. Both ladies and gentlemen chose to wear bright colors during the day, keeping the darker colors for soirees or nocturnal events. The tuxedo was a new apparition at that time, but not in the cut we know today. Made of fabric, with a very sharp collar and lapel, the tuxedo matched with the cane, the latter being an indispensable accessory during the walk, but also with the straw hats, of Parisian fashion, all with good taste and refinement.

Walking around the city, reading, shopping, going to the tailor or the barber, dancing evenings, confectioneries and cafes were among the few entertainment possibilities of the inhabitants.

An important celebration of Targoviste in the interwar period was the Battle with Flowers, a monden event that took place on May 10, then the National Day of Romania. The ladies and gentlemen, elegantly dressed together with their offspring, climbed into the carriages adorned with flowers and walked on the boulevard, having with them baskets of flowers that they threw in the direction of the other passers-by, to everyone's delight. 

All these daily activities required certain outfits, which made possible the evolution of fashion, putting to the test the tailors’ creativity, forced to offer elegance, freshness and naturalness.

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