Great busts

On November the 28th, 1968, on the occasion of the celebration of the semicentenary of the Great Union, the busts of some important rulers of Wallachia who resided in Târgoviște were unveiled in Târgovişte.

The busts were made of Albeşti stone and placed in different areas of the city: Mircea cel Bătrân ( the Elder), author Ion Irimescu, was placed in the park of the "Voievodul Mircea" High School; Dan II the Valiant, author Vasile Blendea, is in front of the former Cavalry School; Vlad Ţepeş, author Petru Balogh, is located near the Art Museum; Radu de la Afumati, author Vasile Covalschi, is located in the church of Sfântului Ionicǎ; Petru Cercel, author Octavian Ilica, is located at the entrance to the Royal Court; Mihai Viteazul, author Petre Nǎstǎsescu, is located in the premises of the Târgului Church; Matei Basarab, author Mihai Alexandru and Vasile Lupu, author Ilica Vetura, in the Stelea church.

Let's know our history and respect it!

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