“Visit ”: Caragiale to Târgoviște

More than a hundred years ago, in the autumn of 1908, Ion Luca Caragiale came to Târgoviște together with Tache Ionescu in the election campaign, as a candidate of the Democratic Conservative Party, both being accommodated at the "Bucharest" Hotel.

The electoral assembly takes place in the garden of the merchant Iorgu Lăzărescu, where Caragiale is subjected, by the electoral agents of the political opponents, to a shooting "with rotten eggs, old vegetables, all accompanied by boos and invectives", as well as with shards of glass, for an hour, according to Ioan Alexandru Brătescu-Voineşti's son, who saved him from this electoral tumult.

After a year, Caragiale makes another electoral stop in Târgoviște, but this time he is invited to the villa of V. Dimitropol, a local notability, a residence located in the Priseaca forest.

In order for the writer to forget what happened in Târgovişte, he was "sweetened" with a popular show, performed by the peasants from the Dâmboviţa Valley, with whom he danced hora (a Romanian traditional dance).

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