Ioan Alexandru Brătescu Voinești

Academician, writer, playwright, publicist, politician, Ioan Alexandru Brătescu Voinești was born in Târgoviște on January the 1st, 1868, as a descendant of a boyar family.
He made his debut in literature under the guidance of Titu Maiorescu, who was his teacher. He became known especially for the stories written for children: "The Chicken" (the tragic death of a quail chick), "The Vigilante", "The Poor Tric", "Niculăiță Minciună" (a clever child from the country not understood by the villagers) and so on. 
A true architectural monument, the house where the writer lived, dreamed and created, now houses the Dâmboviţa Writers Museum, inaugurated on December the 30th, 1968, making known to the visitors the work and atmosphere of the creation of Ioan Alexandru Brătescu Voinești.
The gentleness and sensitivity reflected in many of the great storyteller's writings are detached from the stone portrait, made by the sculptor Vasile Blendea in 1965, a bust that is currently located in the park of Ioan Alexandru Brătescu Voinești house.
The children's section of the County Library „I. H. Rădulescu ” Dâmbovița has been called“ Ioan Alexandru Brătescu-Voinești ” since the year 1986.
Aslo, since 1993 at the I. Al. Brătescu-Voineşti school, a commemorative plaque is erected on the occasion of receiving the name of the great writer, former student of the educational institution.
There is even a street that bears his name, also as a tribute to the one who outlined with a special artistic mastery places, people and facts from Târgoviștea  at the end of the last century, introducing them in the literary circuit and making them immortal.

Let's be proud that we are from Târgoviște!

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