Tony Bulandra

Anton Bulandra was born on March the 13th, 1881, in Târgoviște, in a family of pharmacists, who had 12 children. He spent his childhood at his parents' estate, then attended high school in Bucharest, and at the age of 18 he was admitted to the Conservatory of Dramatic Art, in the class of Constantin Nottara.

Tony Bulandra, as he remained in the history of the Romanian theater, was a famous actor, who performed on the stage of the "Davila" theater and did training in Paris. He played over 300 roles of an impressive variety signed by Shakespeare, Vasile Alecsandri, Schiller or Barbu Ştefǎnescu Delavrancea, which contributed to a successful career.

The name of the great actor is linked to the first film in the history of Romanian cinema, "Amor fatal", whose premiere took place in 1911. He was married to the famous actress Lucia Sturza, a descendant of Prince Mihail Sturdza. Along with this, he acted in numerous plays and, together, they set up several companies and theaters.

Today, in Târgoviște, the municipal theater bears his name, the cultural institution proudly carrying on the actor's name.

Let's be proud that we are from Târgoviște!

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