On foot on the Old Town

On foot on the Old Town

According to the archaeological observations, the area called today the Old Center of Targoviste began to be populated towards the end of the XVth century. The city of previous times stopped on the line of the City Hall – the Fair Church. The commercial center of the city, previously located in the area of the Princely Way, moves in this direction with the beginning of the works on the ensemble of the old Metropolitan of Vallachia.

In the middle of the XVIIth century, as a result of the consolidation in this area of the shopping center, the Fair Church is built nearby. The street that passed in front of the church became Uliţa Târgului (The Fair Street), being the main artery of the city trade until today.

In time, this area acquired the name of "The Fair inside", a name preserved until 1930, when it disappeared with the last generation that knew this name. In the XIXth century, the "Fair inside" experienced a permanent development, the merchants listing their goods here throughout the week, except for Sundays and the 12 feasts over the year. The documents recall the presence of shops built on old cellars and merchants of different specializations: grocers, textile sellers, furriers, bakers, brandy manufacturers etc.

The importance of this artery for the life of the locality is also emphasized by the fact that, during seven decades, it bore seven names in turn:
Libertăţii Street – at the beginning of 1930
St. Regele Carol II – after June 1930
Str. 6 Septembrie – from September 1940, after the establishment of the antonesciano-legionary regime
St. Regele Mihai – after the act of August 23, 1944
St. 30 Decembrie – from 1948, the date of proclamation of the popular republic
Eremia Grigorescu Street – since 1990
Alexandru Ioan Cuza Street – from 1997 until now.

Pedestrian streets, Al. I. Cuza street or Negustorilor street, the artesian fountain that makes us enjoy a dynamic game of water and lights and which in summer can be a place of relaxation for both adults and children, The Revolution Square, recently rehabilitated and modernized, with a special urban furniture and outdoor lighting embedded in the pavement, but also the Square of the City Hall, a beautifully landscaped green space, framed by buildings with a special architecture, make the Old Center a pleasant way to spend free time.

Let's be proud that we are from Târgoviște!

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