Tudor Vladimirescu's cross

On the List of Historical Monuments, the Cross elevated in Tudor Vladimirescu's memory was the first monument in Târgoviste erected to honor Tudor's memory.
This monument was made in 1911 on the initiative of the teacher, the writer and the tireless militant Smaranda Gheorghiu, a remarkable woman, born in Târgoviște. It was located in the Metropolitan Park, near the place where the bones supposed to belong to the leader of the 1821 Revolution had been found in 1889.
Built in the traditional style of stone crosses specific to the area, it was intended to represent a distinct sign, worthy of the great martyr of our national revival and which had found its premature end in Târgovişte.
The name Tudor Vladimirescu is often found on the map of Târgoviște Municipality, a street, a neighborhood and a school bearing his name. Even the Eugen Popescu stadium was originally under the name Tudor Vladimirescu.

Let's know our history and respect it!

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