The printing press-the old printing house

If you want to know the history of the Romanian printing activity, you have to visit the Museum of Printing and the Old Romanian Book from Târgoviște, where the printing press, from the year 1778, represents the main symbol of the museum.

As you already know Târgoviște is the place where the printing first appeared in Romanian Country in 1508 at only half of the century away from the revolutionary invention of Johannes Gutenberg. The voivode Radu cel Mare (1495-1508) called, in his country, the Serbian monk Macarie who learned to print books in Venice. He will print at Târgoviște three religious service books like the Liturghier (1508), the Octoih (1510) and the Tetraevanghelier (1512).  Like an echo of this tradition the museum shows, through his exhibits, the apparition and evolution of the writing and printing on Romanian soil starting with the first forms of writing, the appearance of the paper, the invention of the printing and so on until the first regular publications.

Let’s be proud because we are from Târgovişte!

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