The Gazebo from the Princely Court

The Gazebo from the Princely Court

The gazebo was built during the reign of Constantin Brâncoveanu, when the Princely Court in Târgoviște was in full activity of reconstruction and restoration. It served as a summer gazebo in the princely garden embellished with a pond and an orchard.

It had a covered loggia, supported by columns and capitals carved in limestone. The walls were decorated with frescoes and stuccoes. Decorative elements harvested from here are on display in the cellars of the palace.

The gazebos have made their appearance in the architecture of the ensembles of princely courts and mansions, in Wallachia, since the time of Matei Basarab, coming from areas with Turkish influence.

The atmosphere of Brâncoveanu’s era can be relived by visiting these places. Come and discover the city of Târgoviște, the old capital of Wallachia!

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