The Coresi Deacon - founder of the literary Romanian language

The Coresi Deacon - founder of the literary Romanian language

With the occasion of the Romanian Language Day, celebrated on August the 31st, we should remember that the Romanian language represents the foundation of our national identity.

Coresi, also known as the Deacon Coresi, was an Orthodox deacon, translator and typographer who lived and started his printing business in Târgoviște.

The Coresi Deacon was at the foundation of the birth of the literary Romanian language, being the publisher of the first books in the Romanian language.

There have been various hypotheses about the origins of his family, but he proudly asserts his origin "ot Târgovişte" in "Triodul-penticostar", printed in Târgovişte and finished on June the 30th, 1558, during the reign of Mircea Ciobanul, as it appears from epilogue.

He had been an apprentice of the typographer Oprea Logofǎtul. Its name is also linked to the appearance of the "Small Slavonic Octoih". Due to the understanding between the Romanian community of Scheii Braşov and the ruler Pǎtraşcu cel Bun, he leaves the Citadel of the Seat of Târgovişte, settling in Braşov, after the date of June 1556.

The Coresian prints, the entire activity of the typographer, played a decisive role in preserving and developing the life and spiritual unity of the Romanians, in achieving the unity of the Romanian language. A school and a street in our city bear his name.

Let's be proud that we are from Târgoviște!

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