Moldoveanu House - one of the oldest houses in Târgovişte

Târgovişte, with tales from old houses

„Tudor Moldoveanu” house, a historical monument, one of the oldest houses in Târgoviște, is situated in the yard of  „Vasile Blendea” museum, on Poet Grigore Alexandrescu street.
The building consists of a middle hall and four symmetrical rooms, being placed on a high pedestal, thicker than the external wall.
It is a construction that makes the transition from the old popular plan, with a porch, to the more developed plan, wich only has a pavilion structure for sheltering the entrance.
Tudor Moldoveanu (1780-1840, Târgovişte) was a member of the deputation appointed by the townsmen to represent them in front of the State Council, in the controversy with ruler  Alexandru Sutu for the estate of the town. The ruler put pressure on the deputation, banished the hostile boyars, arrested and tortured the members of the deputation, then forced them to accept his justice. In 1831, the community of the town compensated Tudor Moldoveanu for his expenses, made at the „the inprisonment for the estate of the town”.

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