Ionel FERNIC - The troubadour of the blue horizons

Born in the "old center" of Targoviste, on May 29, 1901, Ionel Fernic was a composer, writer, journalist, aviator and one of the first Romanian paratroopers.
He attended the Conservatory of Dramatic Art in Bucharest, the Reserve Officers' School (Infantry) in Ploieşti and the Pilot School "Mircea Cantacuzino", where he obtained his pilot's license.
He performed on the stage of the National Theater together with Ion Manolescu, Aristid Demetriad, Mişu Fotino, Sonia Cluceru, G. Baldovin and Ion Şahighian. However, he devoted himself to music, and for a short time he was a journalist in Ploieşti and director of the Skydiving School in Chernivtsi.
In just a few years, Ionel Fernic became the author of over four hundred novels, tangos, waltzes, almost all his pieces being then, as they are today, "classic" hits.

Let’s be proud because we are from Târgovişte!

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