George Caïr – political and cultural personality

George Caïr – political and cultural personality

Born in Târgovişte on September 23rd, 1876, George Caïr was a poet, a novelist and a politician. He attended the first years of school in his hometown, Targoviste, then the courses of the "Sf. Sava" High School in Bucharest and the courses of the Faculty of Law.

Subsequently, George Caïr returns to Târgovişte, being a lawyer at the Dâmbovița Court. Then he was Prefect of Dâmbovița County and, at that time, he took the initiative to build in Târgoviște a performance hall named "Weapons Hall".

At the inauguration of the hall, this was called "Society of Weapons, Gymnastics and Sign Giving", practicing gym sports, such as shooting, fencing and especially Swedish gymnastics. It is worth mentioning that George Caïr made available to this hall for board games all his proceeds from the sale of his own books.

An innate talent, he wrote poetry, prose, fable, epigram, many of the volumes having a historical-literary and documentary interest. Being a publicist, he was a close friend of I.L. Caragiale and was part of the management committee of the Society of Romanian Writers.

In Târgoviște, a street bears his name and on Calea Domnească, near the History Museum, there is a house on which a marble plaque mentions: "In this house lived the poet GEORGE CAÏR, 1876-1924".

Let’s be proud because we are from Târgovişte!

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