The most important military leader from the First World War - Marshal Constantin Prezan

Let us know and respect our history!

Born in the county of Dâmboviţa’s area, in Butimanu commune, Constantin Prezan was one of Romania’s marshals, a hero of the First World War.
On June the14th, 1930, general Constantin  Prezan was promoted to the dignity of „Marshal of Romania” by a High Decree; together with Alexandru Averescu, he was the first soldier who got this degree. „As chief of the Army  and first adviser of my glorious father, you could control and defeat the tragic circumstances from the winter of 1916 and from spring of 1917 because of your skills and determination; so from the hard tested Romanian soldiers, that wonderful army wich won the memorable battles of Mărăşti, and Mărăşeşti was born, then ending our nation’s saga by the victory from the Tisa river”. (King Carol II of Romania, extract from Constantin Prezan’s „Marshal Book”)

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