Doctor Benone Georgescu Street

There are about 250 streets in Târgoviște, many of them named after personalities. All the streets of the city have their stories, the stories of their names, the stories of their inhabitants, all gathered together forming the story of the city which is fascinating.
One of the streets in Targoviste that tells you the story of the name is Doctor Benone Georgescu Street.
Benone Georgescu was born in 1903 in Târgoviște, studied at the Faculty of General Medicine in Bucharest, and from 1935 he worked as a doctor in the specialty of General Surgery, being also head of department at the hospital in Târgoviște, for 30 years.
He wrote and edited the treatise "Cranio-cerebral Trauma" - the first work of its kind in the country, and the study "Intravenous Anesthesia", the first work of its kind, used today in medical services.
Through the value and surgical performance, Dr. Bernone Georgescu brought relief and healing to thousands of patients, but also notoriety to the city of Targoviste.

Let’s be proud because we are from Târgovişte!

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