The first voivode buried at Dealu Monastery

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VLADISLAV II - Lord of Wallachia died on August 20, 1456 and was the first voivode buried at Dealu Monastery.

            Between October and November 1448 he participates at the anti-Ottoman campaign led by Ioan de Hunedoara ended with the defeat at Kossovoploje. In this time throne was occupied by Vlad Ţepeş (Vlad The Impaler), as delegate of the Ottoman Empire. Supported by the lord of Moldova, Vladislav II re-occupies the throne.

            In foreign policy it manages to preserve the autonomy of Wallachia, a status ensured by the three-year treaty concluded between Hungary and the Ottoman Empire (on November 20th, 1451).

             In reply, Ioan de Huneadoara confiscated his Transylvanian fiefs, Amlaş and Făgăraş, where he sheltered Vlad Ţepeş, as a pretender to the throne of Wallachia.

             In the autumn of 1455, Ioan de Hunedoara re-entered Wallachia, from where he drove away the Turks. However, the peace concluded with Ioan de Hunedoara was short and Vladislav II attacked the south of Transylvania, in the Făgăraş region where Vlad Ţepeş was sheltering. According to his tombstone, he was executed by Vlad Țepeș.

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