BABEL Festival

The Târgoviște Performing Arts Festival, BABEL, was created by the Tony Bulandra Theater in Târgoviște, out of a love of theater and a desire to put our town on the map of cultural events, transforming it into a theater capital.
Being an international theater festival, BABEL brings together culture, refinement, good taste in a soul communion, through artistic and cultural manifestations, also having an educational connotation, the public benefiting, in addition to theater, street performances, dance, parades and entertainment. workshops.
The first edition in 2007 hosted national and international artists who presented their creations under the theme-dome ELEMENTS - five essential elements of life: earth, water, fire, wood and metal.
Over the years, the festival has attracted a diverse and numerous audience, addressing various topics: superstitions, speech, colors, body, sound, gesture, image, the common element of this year being LANGUAGE.
"Babel is a place of friendship and spiritual well-being" says the director of the Tony Bulandra Târgoviște Theater, Mihai Constantin Ranin.

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