502 years since the sanctification of the Metropolitan Church of Târgoviște

The story of the old church, a true historical and civilization landmark, impresses us and lives on in our memories through vintage drawings and documents.
The metropolis was sanctified, with great pomp in Târgoviște, on May 17, 1520, having the patron saint "The Ascension of the Lord", although the holy place was unfinished.
The new construction of the Metropolitan Church was started at the urging of the former patriarch of Constantinople, Nifon, by Radu the Great, but Neagoe Basarab is responsible for the completion of the construction, which Gavriil Protul saw “big and beautiful, with eight towers and all… ..how to saturate everyone's eyes with it. "
Located in the center of the city, in the Park that bears its name, Metropolia Târgovişte "mother of churches", as it was also called, reveals to visitors a part of the cultural and historical richness of which the people of Târgoviște are extremely proud. Not only a tourist attraction, but a real landmark of the old seat city, the beautiful church greets its visitors with a smile reminiscent of the distinguished elegance of honorable times, but also adds to the architectural grandeur of modern times.

Let's be proud that we are from Târgoviște!

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