"Mihai Viteazul" school - 55 years of existence

"Mihai Viteazul" school - 55 years of existence

Established in 1967, the Secondary School no. 8 had only I-IV grades, because the number of pupils was reduced. Two years later, the first Interschool Speech Therapy Center in Târgoviște was organized in the school, under the coordination of Mrs. Moțoc Paraschiva, and as the school population grew, new classes were created, some with a sports profile, volleyball classes for girls and athletics for girls and boys.

In 1997, the unit became the first inclusive school in Târgovişte with an integrated class coordinated by teacher Elena Stoenescu.

On November the 8th, 2002, the school celebrated its 35th  anniversary, on which occasion it was officially named "Mihai Viteazul" School Târgovişte, with Ist-VIIIth grades.

The management of the Municipality of Târgovişte supported the educational infrastructure and, through an extensive process of expansion, rehabilitation, modernization and endowment, in 2021 achieved the complete transformation of the "Mihai Viteazul" School.

Thus, 6 buildings were built and the number of classrooms increased from 22 to 36.

A banquet hall and a library were built, the sports hall was expanded, an outdoor sports field was built, restrooms and lockers related to the sports area were built, to which a technical building was added. The school enjoys a lot of specific equipment, in the sense that each classroom will benefit, apart from the furniture, of a video projector, a projection screen, a multifunction printer or a computer.

Let's be proud that we are from Târgoviște!

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