Vasile Cârlova - „The Ruins of Targoviste"

Vasile Cârlova - the first modern poet in our literature, who praises

"The Ruins of Targoviste"
"Oh, sad walls! Oh, glorious monument!
How tall you are and how bright you are,
Until a sweet and much happier sun
He shed his light on this enslaved earth! ... ”

Although born in Buzău, the poet grew up, after the early death of his parents, in Târgoviște, in the house of an aunt from his mother's side. Here he learns, together with Grigore Alexandrescu, French and Greek.

Târgoviște claims him because here he inaugurated the poetry of the ruins, sang the ancestral glory and was a pioneer in Romanian romanticism.

In memory of Vasile Cârlova, the artist Vasile Blendea made, in 1933, a bronze bust of the poet, which is today located in the courtyard of the County Cultural Center.

Vasile Cârlova also gave the name of a street located in the old center of the city, which leads to Calea Domnească, somehow facing the ruins of the Royal Court.

Also, near the ruins and the Chindia Tower, located on one of the main arteries of the city, is the General School no. 1 - which received the name of the poet Vasile Câlova in 1960.

Let's know our history and respect it!

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