State Anthem's Day

Let's know our history and respect it!

From „The triumphant march…” in the time of Alexandru Ioan Cuza to our days, with Deșteaptă-te române! (wake up Romanians), our country had many state anthems. Together with the tricolor flag, the coat of arms of the country and the seal of the state, the state anthem represents a national symbol. 

Through our great poet, from Târgoviște, Grigore Alexandrescu, the origin of Romanian state anthem it is closely related to Târgoviște. The poet created the lyrics of the romance „Din sânul maicei mele” (From my mother’s chest) whose musical score was composed by Anton Pann in 1836. 

Andrei Mureșanu took over, in 1848, the melodic line of this romance for the poem „Un răsunet”, which later became „Deşteaptă-te române!”

Like every year, in Târgoviște, there will be events dedicated to the Day of the National Anthem of Romania – on July the 29th.

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