It is the day when we celebrate heroism, sacrifice, patriotism, we celebrate those who put the country above their lives.

October the 25th, 1944, a day of military glory, in which the Romanian Army liberated the last Romanian locality from foreign occupation: the city of Carei. It became a historical landmark for the Romanian people.

Army Day is not only a moment of celebration, but also of commemoration and return to the collective memory of the nation's heroes.

During the wars, whether we are talking about the War of Independence, the First World War, the Second World War or other wars, the Romanian army sacrificed many human lives to defend the country, as evidenced by the 283 monuments dedicated to the heroes from Dâmbovița County.

In the World War I, soldiers from the military units from Târgoviște, respectively the 22nd Infantry Regiment and the 62nd Infantry Regiment, participated in most of the combat actions carried out by the Romanian Army in this war.

In the Second World War, the military units housed in Târgoviște, like the 22nd Infantry Regiment, the 1st Battle Carriage Regiment and the 3rd Motorcycle Hunters Regiment, participated in the most important actions on the battlefields.

These are just a few examples, through which many people from Târgoviște fought bravely, sacrificed their lives and became heroes.

Let's honor our heroes and the Army!

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