Michael the Brave’s equestrian statue

Astonishing work of art signed by Mihai Marcu, the equestrian statue of the great voivode Michael the Brave is placed in the square that bears his name. The monument was inaugurated in 2001, when commemorating 400 years since ruler’s death.

The sculpture is supposed to evocate Michaels’s brilliant victory against the Ottomans, in 1595, at Târgoviște, followed by the re-establishment of the capital from Bucharest to Târgoviște. At the Princely Court from Târgoviște, Michael conceived his unifying action of the three Romanian provinces.

Lesser known is that Michael the Brave was the first Romanian „press man”, as Mihai Eminescu portrays him as „a phenomenal man by bravery and by mind”. According to the historians, during his reign, at the Princely Court from Târgoviște was written a sort of „official bulletin”, where were related events and facts from the voivode’s campaigns, taking as an example Julius Cesar’s „avizzo”, that was an instrument of informing the people in the Forum.

Michael the Brave

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