Colonel Dumitru Băltărețu Street

Targoviste is the city where you meet history on the street. Every guide sign at the end of the street has its own story. Starting from its name, we can discover past events, clues about the old inhabitants or memories from old houses.
One of the streets in Targoviste that tells you the story of the name is Colonel Dumitru Băltărețu Street.
Lieutenant-Colonel Dumitru Băltărețu, born in 1865, was a volunteer in the 21st Infantry Regiment, attended the NCO School in Bistrita, where he obtained the rank of lieutenant.
In the spring of 1898, he was transferred to the 22nd Infantry Regiment "Dâmbovița", from Târgovişte. On April 1st, 1914, he took command of the unit. At the head of the regiment, Băltărețu took part, starting with the first day of the war, in the struggles for the fulfillment of the national desideratum, standing out for his courage and full competence in leading the troop, in the battles of Bran, Tohanul Vechi and Perşani Mountains. Being in the front line, he fell mortally wounded during the action for forcing the Olt line in 1916.

Let's know our history and respect it!

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