Filip Tomescu's Brewery

On the old center of Târgoviște, near the public garden next to Târgoviște City Hall, in the interwar period operated one of the most select breweries in the city: Filip Tomescu’s, in great competition with Iorgu Lăzărescu's brewery. In this building, after the communists came to power, were set in the counters of the House of Savings and Consignments. As long as the brewery worked, when it was very visited by the city's high class, and not only by it, during the summer, on the sidewalk in front of the brewery, tables were taken out so that all the notables of the city could be received and beer was served with salt pretzels, so-called American hazelnuts and some dried and salted fish called “țâri”. On the outer wall of the building where the brewery operated, passers-by could read with big letters "Beer mug 7 lei".  
Returning to the owner of the famous brewery, it must be said that Filip Tomescu had three children: two boys and a girl. The first boy, Nicolae, known to his relatives as Nae, was a senior officer who appears to have been mutilated during World War II.
The second son, Constantin, who was simply called Tică, was an employee of the Azuga Brewery, located on Justiției Street, while the girl, named Elena, and known as Lenuța, lived for a long time in Târgoviște. Filip Tomescu was originally from Breaza, Făgăraș county, coming from a family with eight children, of which it seems that three crossed the mountains and settled in Targoviste to be enlisted in the Austro-Hungarian army: Filip, died at the age of 44 and was buried in the Suseni Cemetery, Vasile, who died at the age of 80 and Hariton, who passed away at the age of 74. All three were known as skilled merchants who contributed to the prosperity of the city. Above the brewery was Filip Tomescu's house, from where he could quietly watch the smooth running of his business, when he was not socializing with those who crossed his threshold.
It is well known that a number of illustrious people from The Nicolae Filipescu Military High School at Dealu Monastery came to Tomescu’s brewery. Among them was the director of studies, Ion Pavelescu. Among the important guests was also the great singer Lola Bobescu, daughter of the great musician Constantin Bobescu, teacher at the Nicolae Filipescu Military High School at Dealu Monastery.

Author of the article: Cornel Mărculescu

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