The Military Circle (former Army House)

Every building has a destiny, like humans. Some are bitter than others. Some had moments of full glory, but also suffered the reverse of the medal: years and years of abandonment. Their hearts have been frozen since no one needs to warm them. It is also the story of the Army House from Târgoviște.
 It was once a performance hall with a captivating appearance and special acoustics. It was built from the generosity of George Caïr (the prefect of Dâmbovița County between 1905-1907) who donated all his income from the sale of his own books. Built in only one year (1906-1907) according to the plans of the architect Enache Lăzărescu, the hall was named at the inauguration "Society of weapons, gymnastics and signage", practicing indoor sports, such as: shooting, fencing and, especially, Swedish gymnastics (simple movements designed on the basis of exercises developed by physiotherapists).
 In addition to these constant activities, cultural moments took place here like important Romanian theatre plays. Gheorghe Russu is the one who founded the choir "Cântarea României" based in the Hall of Arms and managed to invite George Enescu to perform in Targoviste, in June 1919. On that occasion, the musician who would become the cultural emblem of Romania also donated 2000 lei as the first fund for a stadium (yes, it is the one next to the hall where he sang). 
 The amount of 2000 lei completed the sum of 1500 lei obtained from the tickets of the concert that he supported for the collection of funds necessary for the restoration of the Church of the Holy Emperors, founded by Matei Basarab.
 During the interwar period, the Weapons Hall was animated by famous artists like Maria Filloti, Gheorghe Storin, Agespina Macri, Ion Manolescu, Ion Iancovescu, Grigore Vasiliu Birlic, Mărioara Voiculescu, Sonia Cluceru and Radu Beligan. Also, on the stage of the Army House took place, in 1913, a great concert. Conferences on literature, art, culture, history, but also school celebrations or congresses with national impact were organized here.
 In addition to numerous shows that were staged here, following the invitation of journalist Jean Vasiliu, were present at the Hall of Arms a number of well-known writers like Ion Minulescu, Gala Galaction, Cezar Petrescu, Serban Cioculescu, Radu Gyr, IC Vissarion , Victor Eftimiu and Ionel Teodoreanu. 
 It should be mentioned about the Weapons Room and the fact that for a while there was also a cinema, where the first sound film "Jeanine" was screened, a French film about the aerial battles between the French and Germans in the First World War. After 1950, the House of Culture of the city was installed at the Armory. Later, the building was taken over by the army, receiving the name of the Army House, and now it is called the Military Circle. 
 Article author,
 Cornel Mărculescu

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