The Greff House

The Greff House is a construction built in the late nineteenth century in neoclassical style, whose owner, Iohann Samuel Greff (1819-1876), seems to have German origins, coming to the city of Targoviste around 1875 from the Austro- Hungarian Empire. In this building, located on the former Libertății Street, Iohann Samuel Greff, being a famous local pharmacist, owned a pharmacy called "Speranța" (The hope).
 After his death, the tradition was continued by his wife, also a pharmacist, who successfully ran the pharmacy until after World War II, when the building was nationalized. The tradition of the Greffs was continued by their son Dodo Greff, also a pharmacist, who lived for a long time in Târgoviște, after which he settled in Moreni.
 Samuel Greff's wife had a sister, who, without having specialized studies, helped her sister in the pharmaceutical laboratory; she was married to a certain Conto Mihalo. The entire Speranța pharmacy operated on the ground floor of the building, the first floor of the building being intended for housing, where Samuel Greff's wife, his sister and later his niece lived, while the pharmaceutical laboratory was set up on the back side.
 It is worth mentioning that the pharmacist Samuel Greff sleeps his eternal sleep in the parish court of the Catholic Church of St. Francis of Assisi in Targoviste.
Cornel Mărculescu

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