Târgoviște train station

Târgoviște train station

The old train station in Târgoviște, built in 1883, together with the Titu-Târgoviște railway (also called Ciocârlan Station, after the name of the land on which it was built) was inaugurated in January 1884. 

Due to the fact that this station building was offset from the axis of King Carol I Boulevard (inaugurated in 1898), in 1906 it was rebuilt, gaining the appearance it has today, this time aligned with the boulevard, to this last building being added, after 1925 , the lattice-beamed canopy, which now covers the platform. 

The works on the Titu-Târgoviște railway, designed by the engineer Elie Radu and built by the 7th Railway Company of the 1st Genius Regiment, began at the end of 1882 and were completed in December 1883. 

During this period, there were also built the cantons and stations of Titu, Nucet, Văcărești and Târgoviște. The Titu-Târgoviște railway was inaugurated on January 2nd, 1884, when the first train from Bucharest entered the Târgoviște Railway Station. 

It was a special event, lived with emotion by all the people of Târgoviște at that time. The red brick building was later declared a historic monument. Not infrequently, the perimeter of the C.F.R. Târgovişte was used to make historical films, such as "Ecaterina Teodororiu" and "You can't go here".

Article author: Cornel Mărculescu

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