The House with Zodiacal Signs and clock - Irimescu Candesti House

The story behind the Irimescu Candesti house, that is situated on the I.C. Vissarion Street from Targoviste, can be resumed by the saying ” Fear the reverse of the medal”.
The owner of the house, Ion Irimescu Candesti, was licensed in Law, head of the county Bar and front-rank member of Liberal National Party. As part of the Liberal Party leadership, he was congressman in the interwar period. He was elected as deputy from the part of the Liberal Party for six years and was the prefect of Dambovita County in 1927 and in 1945 he left the old liberal organization and created in Dambovita the National Liberal Party- Tatarescu.
He collaborated with the local publications such as Vointa (The Will) and Viitorul Dambovitei (Dambovita’s Future), but he also wrote a theatrical play named Jertfa (The Sacrifice) which had an introduction written by Ion Alexandru Bratescu Voinesti. And, indeed, as we will see, he had to pay ”something” through sacrifice. We will never find out what was that ”something” for which he had to suffer. 
He had two children, a boy and a girl. So far, so good. Joy. The daughter was very ugly and also very arrogant. She got married very young and she left the city. The boy, Serban, considered himself very smart, especially because he graduated the Ienachita Vacarescu High School, but he wasn’t capable to pass the exam at the Med School. However, in 1940, Serban Irimescu went to study in Charlottenburg, near Berlin. He failed to return home because he died during the terrible bombing over Berlin.
The last sacrifice: after the end of the war in 1945, Irimescu Candesti, the ex-liberal leader, tried to make a compromise with the new communist power, thinking that he would save the house and his fortune, but this did not happen.
Ion Irimescu was expelled from his property and he died in a little house, in poverty, in a suburb of the city.
Why seems that the house didn’t want them?
Careless, the house followed its zodiacal signs, some ornaments on the back side of the building: twelve bas relieves representing the twelve zodiacal signs and a solar clock which indicates, from the beginning, 12.07 o’clock.
The signification of these details still remains unknown. It is presumed that the local architect of Italian origin Romano de Simon (1900-1981) who built the house in the 30’s and who studied at the Academia de Belle Arte from Parma got inspired by the bas relieves from Parma Cathedral.
So simple…and still it is that simple?
Author: Cornel Marculescu          

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