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Bucșani 137070, România


Neagra Bison Reservation from Bucşani Forestry Office, in Dâmboviţa County, it is located less than 80 kilometers from Bucharest, 30 kilometers from Târgovişte and 35 Km from Ploieşti.
In Neagra Bison Reservation from Bucşani, in May 2010 there were 35 bison, 16 male and 19 female living on 162 hectares of forest. All 35 animals have received names that begin with ”RO”. At the end of 2009, bison reservation became rich with four new animals. Born in June 1986, Rociu is the oldest bison.
Other bison have names like: Rococo, Rotunda, Rogojan, Romario, Roberta and even "Robokap". Neagra Bison Reservation was established in 1983, with the aim of adapting species to the plain area. In 1983, 18 bison from the country were brought to Bucşani, as well as several specimens from abroad. After 1995, the purpose of the bison rezevation was to breed and transfer bison to the other reservations.

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