I’ve started my career as a dentist in 2003. It is then that I also founded my first dental office. I started from the idea of making no compromise, but targeting the quality of the medical act.

In the following year, 2004, I launched the first Artes-Dent dental office. It was located in a rented place, at the ground floor of a block of flats.

After 3 years in the business, because of the turnover, I invested in the staff’s training, in medical equipment and we moved to a larger place (about 150 square meters), going from the status of office to clinic.

Being aware of the importance of modern technology in medicine, I decided to change the classical methods of dental treatment and I started to introduce Er-Yag and En-Yag laser in 2007, and also, the computerized design of the teeth using CAD-CAM.

After another 3 years of activity, I realised the importance of a larger place for us and our patients, so we turned a dream into reality. We started the construction of a building that will represent us, and where patients would love to come. We were careful with each detail, we designed each element, creating a harmony between classic and modern. A welcoming space, unique, in the middle of nature, far from the urban noise. Concurrently, a new image and brand were born and they join us in our work, which we take great pride in.

Continuing our ascending tendency, after 3 years, we decided to extend our activity in research and development. Studying the techniques and methods of diagnosis and treatment of dental affections, we realised that the obtained information needed a way to be transmitted further, to the medical world. Thus, a new branch appeared, of transposing the medical information, through mathematical methods, into the IT language. In other words, we started the development of a software of medical nature.

In 2015 the Artes-Dent dental clinic has officially transformed into ‘Hack Dental’ Center, which is – so far – defined by treatment, research and development.

by dr. Marius Hack

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