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Piața Tricolorului, Târgoviște, Romania


The Fortress of 33 Rulers! During the reign of Mircea the Elder our town became the main royal residence of Wallachia. Chindia Tower, was built by Voivode Vlad The Impaler (Vlad Ţepeş)!
What do we want to achieve?
The answer is simple: Târgoviște is the city where you meet history at every step! And this, we must make it known.
National Tourist Information Center in Târgovişte Municipality facilitates access to information on general interest data regarding to Romania, in order to exploit local tourism potential on national and international tourism market.
Thus, tourists who arrive in the former capital of Wallachia receive necessary indications at Tourist Information and Promotion Center located in Tricolor Square, ”to visit and explore on footsteps of rulers”, that motivate them to return to Târgovişte.

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