Vlad Tepes and Katharina

Vlad Țepeș, son of Vlad Dracul and nephew of Mircea cel Bătrân, known as the bloodiest ruler, completed in Târgoviște the work started by his father - Chindia Tower, strengthened the fortress of Târgoviște, deepened the ditch around it and filled with water.

Katharina, a simple girl of unearthly beauty, the daughter of the weavers' sheriff from the city of Brașov, was raised at the monastery, after a fire had left her parents very poor.

The legend says that Prince Vlad Țepeș, a great conqueror, aged 24 at the time, fell in love with Katharina, who was only 17 years old, from the first meeting on Christmas Eve in 1455.

"When he saw her upstairs at the bastion, Vlad Dracula, who was there just with his officers, jumped to her aid. To everyone's amazement. Although she was frightened by the horrors she had heard about the famous prince, the girl was impressed by his gesture. The truth was that Vlad, at the sight of the beautiful young woman with her big blue eyes and golden tails, very long and rich, was struck by a love so naughty that he ignored the advice of his relatives who warned him about the implications and the dangers to which it is exposed through this connection ", said Diana Krausser, an expert in medieval history.

The ruler, who had several wives and idylls, was finally conquered by Katharina, who had been his mistress for 20 years.

His death meant the end of the life for Katharina as well. At the age of 39, she returned to the convent where she had been a child. The legend says that she never spoke again and that she died of a bad heart, although the exact year when she died is not known. It seems, however, that she lived only two years after the ruler's death. She wanted to commit suicide, but her faith prevented her from doing so.

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