The Egumenical House - Nifon

The valuable cultural-historical and artistic treasure of Târgoviște also includes the Architectural Ensemble of the Stelea Monastery, an area with deep implications in the urban evolution of the medieval city, with constructions erected over several centuries.

The abbot's house ("Casa Nifon") is part of the Stelea Monastery Ensemble next to the church called "Resurrection of the Lord", the cellar of the first abbot's house, the cell body on the west side, cell walls with cell traces, the bell tower and the gate.

The imposing building, housed in cellars from the first half of the 15th century, is home to the List of Historic Monuments and now houses the Museum of Religious Art and Architecture.

The construction consisting of cellars, raised ground floor and one floor is painted white, with a higher ground floor and very little perforated, which gives it a note of sobriety and elegance.

The abbot's house, also called the stable of the Stelea monastery, represents one of the important tourist objectives of the city of Târgoviște, being visited by countless tourists.

Let's know our history and respect it!

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