The church of the Holy Emperors

This church is also known as the "Church of St. Nicholas of the Lord" or "Church of the Cossacks" and it is dedicated to "The Holy Emperors Constantine and Helen". The construction was carried out in 1650 by the ruler Matei Basarab and his wife Elina, with Hagi Constantin as steward.
In 1821, after the assassination of Tudor Vladimirescu by Alexandru Ipsilanti and the attack of the otomans in Târgoviște, the church was transformed into a mosque and then set on fire.
Religious services were held in until 1848, and since then it has been abandoned, gradually becoming a real ruin: the fallen towers, without any roof, including the front door and windows were built, except for two, where it could be enter the church with a ladder.

The priest Constantin Nițescu asked Master George Enescu to come to Târgoviște to give a series of concerts in order to raise funds for the benefit of the Church of the Holy Emperors in Târgoviște, which happened in 1920.

The restoration completed in 2011, made with care and skill, based on respect for historical remains and an extensive study, restored this monument to its old appearance, after almost 200 years of oblivion.

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