„The moon eaten by werewolves”

Let’s be proud because we are from Târgovişte!

No, it is not the title of a movie.

It is the name of a sculpture realized, in gypsum, in the year 1968 by the artist Vasile Blendea, sculpture that you can admire if you visit the memorial house. 

The Vasile Blendea Museum it is situated in an old house, lasting from the end of the XVIIIth century. The collection contains a small part of his works of sculpture, paintings or drawings. As a painter, Vasile Blendea, proofs an intense sensibility and artistic refinement, making from his love of nature a real ideal. „The bell tower at the Royal Court”, „Targoviste under the snow”, „St. Ionică Church”, „The Entrance to the Royal Court” are only a few of his works.

A complete but varied artist, sculptor, painter, painting restorer, Vasile Blendea, a prominent figure in Romanian art, was also a drawing teacher at several schools in Târgoviște.

Vasile Blendea Museum

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