Adventure for the children and not only!

Let’s be proud to be from Târgoviște!

On Monday, the 9th of August, we invite you to celebrate the International Day of  Zoological Gardens and Parks, by adventure yourself on the alleys of the Chindia Park to explore the special places and admiring the animals of the Zoological Garden of Targoviste.

Oasis of greenery, situated in the meadow of Ialomita, the Chindia Park, it is an animated and colourful place, where you can relax and practice sports. There are also numerous fun activities for the children and not only – playgrounds, relaxing and romantic pedal boats tours on the Chindia Lake, but also the Chindia Skatepark.

Situated on the northen side of Chindia Park, nearby the Princely Court and the Chindia Tower, the Zoological Garden of Targoviste it is located on the place where, in 1584, the ruler Petru Cercel arranged the first Zoological settlement of the Romanian Country. It is placed in a natural area, abundant in vegetation, and those who visit it feel the joy of a complete relaxation in an oasis full of nature and history.

The children, the grandparents but also the parents will benefit the free entrance at the Zoological Garden of Targoviste on the 9th of August 2021, celebrating the international day of  Zoological Gardens and Parks. It will also be an artistic program organised to highlight the importance of biodiversity conservation.

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