The tradition goes on ... Târgoviște is celebrating!

 Like every year, Târgoviște City Hall organizes the Citadel Days around September the 8th, not coincidentally, on the occasion of the Orthodox religious holiday, the feast of the Nativity of the Mother of God, the Virgin Mary, because she is being considered the spiritual patroness of the old city. 

"Mother of God with the Baby" (Platytera) was made by the artist Vasile Blendea, in 1943, who was inspired by the old seals used in the chancellery of Târgovişte in the medieval period, focusing on the Mother of God with the baby. On the left we find the crusading eagle holding a balance in his claws and on on the right we can see Chindia Tower. The composition is framed at the top by the inscription "City Hall" (between the two words is the sign of the cross), and at the bottom "Târgoviște". The inscriptions are separated by oak and laurel leaves. 

In 1993, the Day of the City of Târgovişte was celebrated for the first time, and over time, the event gained proportions, being extended over several days, including various events: medieval parades, concerts, exhibitions, fairs, themed activities for children, etc. 

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